English II - Introduction to Research


  1. Log into Easy Bib from you Gmail account (MORE)
  2. Create an New Project titled: EII Research - your last name


  1. Select a topic from list of questions (see TOPIC QUESTIONS)
    • Make a list of words that you can use to search your topic
    • Looking for keywords? Read a Wikipedia article or World Book article on "main topic" to find more words.
    • Try Thesaurus.com for synonyms
  2. Try searching for information using your keywords:


  1. What are the effects of cyberbullying
  2. What are the effects of dropping out of high school?
    • Keywords: dropout AND high school
  3. What are the long-term effects of teen pregnancy?
    • Keywords: teenage pregnancy
  4. What effect does loss (death, parent separation, dissolved relationship) have on academic performance?
    • Keywords: This is a more challenging question, what do you think the keywords you would use to find an article on this topic?
    • Try finding a book in the catalog. What subject terms do they use?
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