Introduction to ResearchUnited States - 1930's
Discover what was happening in the 1930s in the United States through research using the libraries many resources.

Brainstorming key terms

  1. What keywords can you jot down related to the United States in the 1930's?
  2. Where might you go to get a quick overview of the U.S. in this time era so that you could find more terms to add to your list?Can you create a concept map that helps you visualize these terms and connects the ones that are related?

Using the Catalog (Destiny)Using the catalog's BASIC search, find a book using the search terms from your brainstorming activity. What is the title? What is the location of the book in the library? Did you find the summary of the book and read it to decide if it is of interest to you? Check out the terms under EXPLORE---these will lead you to other books under subject terms listed for your original book. This is a great way to find more sources and also to discover more key terms as you search for ideas to narrow your topic.
Can't find anything?1) Did you spell it right?2) Did you type an inflection of the word? i.e. Desks for Desk?

Locating Related Terms
  1. Read an encyclopedia or Wikipedia article for background information and jot down keywords you come across.
  2. Locate a book on your topic. Turn to the VERSO page, are there any subject-terms listed under LIBRARY OF CONGRESS?

Advanced Searches (Boolean)Now let's try a POWER search using a combination of terms that you have brainstormed.
DESTINY CATALOG POWER SEARCHDestiny-Power-Search.Boolean-Search-Terms.jpg

Please note that you can also return in your results BOOKS and WEBSITE results (Destiny's Web Path Express). See if you can locate the tab for websites.


Search the libraries virtual collection of subscription databases which includes:
  • ABC-CLIO Daily Life in History
  • U.S. History in Context

Cite your sources using:
  • Easy Bib
    • Easy Bib:Edit/Copy Paste citation
    • See citations listed at the end of database articles or look for a citation link and edit copy into Easy Bib.
easybib-all59-write-paste citation.jpg

Searching for Images

American Memories-Library of CongressDorothea Lange- (migrant workers)