Mrs. A. Stolarsky

Poetry Anticipation Guide

Questions to explore:

  1. What is poetry? How is it different than prose?
  2. What is the point of poetry?
  3. What forms exist for different audiences? (i.e. Performance, Slam, Rap, text/print, Open Mic styles of Performance)
  4. How much value does poetry have inside the classroom?
  5. How much value does poetry have outside the classroom?

Questions about process:

  1. How do I read an article/text?
  2. How do I write a definition application essay?

Explore Sources

Adrienne Rich explains/defines poetry:

Article: Why We Should Read Poetry by Amy Lowell

"Dead Poets' Society" Movie Clip - Why do we read poetry? Helping Parents Celebrate Poetry with Children....this article offers reasons for reading and celebrating poetry

This discusses the significance of poetry and its continued relevance in society today. (Hint: ctrl F to seach for "the need for poetry")

This a video of the original poem recited at Obama's 2013 Inauguration. Watch the poet reading his poem and read the NY Times article about this event:

A Chicago group rooted in the Poetry Slam Movement. Explore their website: watch videos, read their education resources, etc...

A long list (with explanations) of different types of poetry from around the world:

An article about Bob Dylan that answers the question: are songs poetry?

Poet and writer Dana Gioia spells out four practical advantages to be found in studying and reciting poetry:

This article talks about the value of memorizing poetry:

Transcript from a speech President Kennedy delivered less than a month before his assassination. The speech is titled "The Purpose of Poetry"

A collection of podcasts and audio clips about poetry. Explore these to see which ones answer some of our questions and to see the variety of poetry "outside the classroom"

The introductory essay to Poetry for Students - a multi-volume book that celebrates and explains poems in an accessible way.
"Just a Few Lines on a Page" by David J. Kelly


Patriot acts : narratives of post-9/11 injustice. (East Collection: NF 323.4 PAT)

Poetry speaks who I am. (East Collection: NF 808.81 POE). Collects more than one hundred poems for young readers, with selections by Maya Angelou, Arthur Sze, Langston Hughes, Edgar Allan Poe, Walt Whitman, William Butler Yeats, and others.

The art of reading poetry. East Collection: NF 821 BLO). Presents a brief critical discussion on understanding poetry, and provides insights from author Harold Bloom that serves as an introduction to his volume: "The Best Poems of the English Language". Includes recommended reading list.

The following sets have multiple volumes featuring poets and poetry.

Critical survey of Poetry. (East Collection: REF 809.1). Presents alphabetized profiles of nearly seven hundred significant poets from around the world, providing biographies, primary and secondary bibliographies, and analysis of their works.

Poetry criticism. Multiple volumes

Poetry for students. Multiple Volumes. presenting analysis, context and criticism, on commonly studied poetry.
Kelly, David. "Just a Few Lines on a Page." Poetry for Students.

Poets : American and British.