EII Cause and Effect (Mrs. Meister and Mrs. Kaiden)


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Topic Questions and Keywords

List of Topics for Cause and Effect

1. What are the effects of overcrowding in prisons and [[#|schools]]?
Prison overcrowding, correctional institutions, overcrowded prisons, prisoners, prison reform

2. What are the effects of noise pollution?
Noise pollution, hearing loss, [[#|noise control]], noise-induced hearing loss, tinnitus,

3. How is mood affected by weather?
Seasonal affective disorder, mental health, phototherapy, Mood (psychology), Depression (mood disorder), mood disorder

4. What are the immediate and long-term effects of global warming?
Climate Change, Greenhouse Effect, Greenhouse Gases, Atmosphere, Carbon Dioxide, Methane

5. What are the effects of cyberbullying?
Cyberbullying, Social Networks, Social Media, Bullying, Internet Safety, Online Social Networks, Bullying

6. What are the long-term effects of adolescent obesity?
Obesity, Weight Gain, [[#|Body Mass Index]], Nutrition, Chronic Disease, [[#|Gastric Bypass]]

7. What are the long-term effects having a baby while in high school?
Teenage Pregnancy, Teenage Mothers, Birth Control, Single Mothers, Contraception, Illegitamacy

8. What are the effects of dropping out of high school?
High School Dropouts, Dropouts, Academic Failure, High School Equivalency Programs, High Risk Students, At Risk Youth,

9. What effect does music have over our behaviors and beliefs?
Music Education, Human Behavior, Mass Media, Social Influence, Media Violence, Music Videos, Child Development

10. What are the effects of one’s physical appearance to his or her success?
Personal Appearance, Employer Attitude, Discrimination, American Culture, Social Pressure,

11. What are the effects of starting school at a later time?
School Schedules, Biorhythms, Academic Achievement, Sleep Deprivation,

12. What effect do extra-curricular activities have on a student?
School Activities, Social Skills, Time Management, Academic Achievement, School Participation,

13. What are projected effects of lifting a teenage curfew?
Curfew, Curfew Laws, Juvenile Delinquency, Juvenile Offenders, Social Control

14. What would be the effect if the United States was to stop allowing immigrants into the country?
Emigration and Immigration, Illegal Immigration, Immigration Law, Immigration Policy,

15. What effect does an improper diet have on adolescents?
Child Nutrition, School Lunches, Overweight Children, School Nutrition, School Food Services,

16. What effect does pre-school have on children’s development later in life?
Preschool Education, Early Intervention, Kindergarten, Head Start Programs, Child Development

17. What effect would a lowered drinking age have on society?
Drinking Age, Juvenile Drinking, Liquor Laws, Youth Alcohol Use, Drinking Age, Law and Legislation

18. What are the effects of the automobile industry switching to all hybrid vehicles?

19. What are the effects of students and schools feeling the need to do well on standardized tests?
cheating, standardized tests, school performance,school vouchers

20. What are the effects of a public school education (as compared to a private school education)?
public schools, outperform, study shows, standardized tests, education, vouchers, funding,

21. What are the effects of students holding down jobs while they are in high school?
academic achievement and jobs, working, impact of jobs on high school students

22. What are the effects of recycling paper and plastics and what difference is it making?
recycled plastic, waste recovery, environmental protection agency, plastic bottles, recycling and contamination

23. What are the effects of concussions on athletes?
concussions on athletes, brain injuries and athletes, prolonged effects and concussions and athletes, consequences of concussions

24. What are the effects of birth order on a child’s success and personality?
birth order, sibling relationships, creativity, IQ

25. What are the causes of the increasing divorce rate in the United States?
reasons for divorce, high rate of divorce, divorce rate, poverty and divorce, tolerance for divorce

26. What are the long term effects of steroid use? (choose a specific drug or two to research)
steroids, health, effects, high school, side effects, athletes, drug use

27. What are the effects of smart phones on society?
mobile phones, cellphones, student achievement, communication

28.What effect does texting and instant messaging have on students’ [academic] writing?
writing skills, text-message, students, grammar [Google has some good articles but student must be extremely selective of source]

29. What are the effects of cheating in school?

academic cheating, student cheating, academic integrity, student ethics, cheating (education)

30. What are the effects of severe acne on teenagers?
Acne, skin care, cosmetics industry, accutane, skin disease, retinoids, skin, care and hygiene

31. What are the effects of winning the lottery?
Lotteries, Lottery Winners, Gambling, fortune, Luck,

32. What impact does technology have on family time?
technology and society, family relations, interpersonal communication, family life, lifestyles, quality of life

33. What are the effects of fast food restaurants becoming more popular?
Obesity, food industry, convenience foods, nutrition, food portions, United States Department of Agriculture, FDA

34. What are the effects of talking on a cell phone too much?
Distracted driving, wireless telephones, wireless communication services, etiquette, telecommunications policy

35. What are the effects of sleep deprivation?

health, memory, alertness, performance, sleep deprivation, anxiety, regeneration of neurons, sleep deficiency, sleep disorder

36. What are the effects of education level on employment and salary?
earn, gap, value of a college degree, career earnings, glass ceiling, workforce, higher paying industry, education and income, income inequality, unemployment, level of education

37. What are the effects of religion in our everyday lives?

voting, drugs, alcoholism, teenagers, faith, laws, social customs (this may actually be a topic that works best with a Google search)

38. What are the causes/effects of the weakening of the U.S. dollar as compared to other world currencies?

weak U.S. dollar, exports, currencies,

39. What are the effects of reality television shows?

"reality television", children, violence, teenagers, American Idol

40. What are the effects of social networking (such as Facebook and Twitter)?

parents, chat-rooms, teenagers, adolescence, stalking, communication

41. What is the effect of the lack of resources (paper, books, chalk, etc.) on schools and students?

42. What is the effect of the loss (death, parent separation, dissolved relationship) on academic performance?

divorce, test scores, social, children of divorced parents, grief, academic performance, parental job loss

43. What is the effect of technology in the classroom?

computer technology, computers, "effects of technology on classrooms and students" (Google)