First Amendment Freeedoms: Press, Speech, Religion, Assembly, Petition

Freedom of Speech


Regulation of violent video games: Brown v. Entertainment Merchants

Christian Science Monitor
Oyez- Brown v. Entertainment
Listen to oral argument before the Supreme Court.
YouTube Video: Fox News reports Supreme Court Opinion in Browne

Supreme Court lets rulings from lower courts stand.

"A high school student, Justin Layshock, created a profile of his principal and another student created a web page suggesting another student had a sexually transmitted disease and invited classmates to comment."

Free speech

Sedition and imminent danger

Fighting words and the heckler's veto

Symbolic speech

Compelled speech

School speech


Cases concerned with the definition of obscenity and whether a particular work or type of material is obscene


Cases involving laws meant to restrict obscenity online

Freedom of Religion

Newdow v. U.S. Congress
Mr. Newdow wants "In God We Trust" removed from paper money.

Religion in public education

Prayer in public schools

Freedom of the Press

Prior restraints and censorship


Broadcast media

Freedom of Association

Freedom to Petition

Duryea v. Guarniere (2011)
"For the actions of a public employee to qualify for protection under the First Amendment’s Petition Clause, it must relate to a public concern"
Oyez-Oral Arguements-Duryea V. Guarniere
Duryea v. Guarniere - Transcript of Full OPinion- Oral Arguements

US Petition Demands Internet As An Unalienable Right
Citizens petition the government to amend the U.S. Constitution making access to the internet an unalienable right.

Government Spam Blocking not a Violation of First Amendment Right to Petition