Fahreneit 451

Part I:
The following people , events, literature are mentioned or alluded to in Fahrenheit 451. In groups of no more than three, find some basic information on the authors/books you are assigned. Explain why you think this particular author or work was included in Fahrenheit 451.

1. Dante Alighieri: The Divine Comedy (1265-1321)

Divine Comedy & F.451

Encyclopedia of World Biography

2. Arisophanes: Greek Playwright of satirical comedies (448-388)

Encyclopedia of World Biography

Aristophanes referenced in Farenheit 451

3. Marcus Aurelius: Meditations (A.D. 121-180)

The Encyclopedia of World Biography

Aurelius in Fahrenheit 451

4. William Blake: The Tyger!

Contemporary Authors Online

Tyger in Fahrenheit 451

Tyger in Fahrenheit 451

The Tyger

5. Gautama Buddha: Siddhartha Gautama, Indian mystic and founder of Buddhism (B.C. 563 - 483)

The Encyclopedia of World Biography

Fahrenheit 451 Allusions
At the bottom of the document a table indicates the page number of the references.

6. Book of Job: Bible (A man's faith is tested by a series of tragic events.)

The Old Testament-Barron's Booknotes

The Book of Job-Spark Notes