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Of Mice and Men Unit

The Author
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The Book
"February 6, 1937: Of Mice and Men is published." History Channel. 2 July 2010. The 1930's "FDR's Fireside Chat." History Channel. 2 July 2010.

The Migrant Worker "Migrant Mother and Children". History Channel. 2 July 2010. Migrant Mother image by Dorothea Lange.

"Migrant Workers of Washington State." 2 July 2010.

Notes from Gale's Literary Reference articles:
Of Mice and Men-Themes
Ranch workers

"working the land is good, owning the land is salvation..." (Cardulo n.p.)

American Dream: "longing for a home on the range" (Cardulo n.p.)

Migrant, itinerants, ranch worker: Steinbeck "genuine sympathy for the lonesome" (Cardulo n.p.)

"... alludes to the bus and truck drivers whose travels through the country permitted them to observe the state of the nation in its broad horizon. " (Cardulo n.p.)
Source: Cardullo, Bert. "On the road to tragedy: mice, candy, and land in Of Mice and Men." American Drama 16.1 (2007): 19+. Literature Resource Center. Web. 6 July 2010.