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In addition to the following links, some recommended databases include: Student Resources in Context, eLibrary, Encyclopedia Brittanica and the Gale Virtual Reference Library of eBooks.

Scottsboro Boys Accused of Rape (1931)

Use Scottsboro Boys or Scottsboro Boys trial as search terms. Databases to search: Brittanica Online, eLibrary, Gale Biography in Context, Student Resources in Context.

The Scottsboro boys trial: Website produced by the University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School. Provides diagrams of the crime, transcripts from the trial, biographies of each participant.

Scottsboro: An American Tragedy: PBS website that supports their documentary on the Scottsboro trial. Primary sources, timeline, biographies and interviews of people from both sides are included.

Jim Crow Laws and Etiquette

National Park
Iowa Commission on the Status of African-Americans
US History

Watts Riots (1965)

Black Past

Kent State

Ohio History Central
Kent State 1970
Kent State Library
Kent May 4 Center

Brown vs. the Board of Education
Smithsonian National Museum of American History
Brown Foundation

Little Rock 9

Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture
Central High Homepage
Little Rock 9 Foundation

16th Street Baptist Church Bombing

National Public Radio
Encyclopedia of Alabama

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Alabama Department of Archives and History
America's Library
ry Boycott Official Site

Montgomery Children's March

Club Today Not Tomorrow
Penn State University

Jackie Robinson - Integration of MLB

Jackie Robinson Official Site
Jackie Robinson Foundation Official Site
Gale Cengage Learning

Vietnam War Draft Dodgers

Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Washington University
University of Illinois, Department of English

Napalm Bombing

Global Security
Kim Phuc article, Wikipedia

Muhammad Ali's Boxing Ban

African-American involvement in the Vietnam War
Nova Online

Woodstock (Anti-War Movement)

Official Woodstock Site
Time Magazine

Emmett Till's Murder

Official Site
Emmett Till Foundation

March on Washington, D.C. (1963)

Congress of Racial Equality
Kids for King

Martin Luther King Assassination

Mary Ferrell Foundation
What Really Happened
Tennessee History for Kids

Edgar Ray Killen (Ku Klux Klan)

Official Site

GI Bill
Dept of Veteran's Affairs
Dept of Veteran's Affairs History

Tet Offensive

Digital History
Official Army Site
BBC News

The Black Panthers (1966)

Black Panther Statement of Beliefs
History of Black Panther Party
Black Panther Party

Freedom Riders (1961)

Freedom Rides
NPR Freedom Rides

Malcolm X

Three news articles on the assassination of Malcolm X
Malcolm X Biography