Arthur Miller's The Crucible and Contemporary Society

Relate events in The Crucible to modern day experiences and examples.

Post 9-11 Reaction

McMartin Preschool Child Abuse Trial


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      • McCarthy and the Fear of Communism in American History by Karen Zeine Outlines the rise of anti-communism in the United States beginning after World War I and culminating in the anti-communist hysteria led by Joe McCarthy in the 1950s. It also discusses the aftermath of the McCarthy era. (NF 921 McCarthy)
      • Postwar America: A student companion by Howard Sitkoff Presents articles on people, events, legal cases, social groups and movements, political and social concepts [including McCarthyism], cultural happenings, and other aspects of life in the United States after World War II. (q973.92 SIT)
      • The Misuse of Political Power by Daniel Cohen Includes bibliographical references (p. 123-124), a timeline and index. A biography of the Wisconsin Senator whose questionable methods as a "Communist witch-hunter" brought him fame in the decade after World War II and led to his eventual censure by the United States Senate.
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