The Great Gatsby Essay

College Degree
(The value of pursuing the American Dream through a college degree)
The College Bubble
Why Students Go to College Matters to Their Success
Beyond Grade 12
It Takes a B.A. to Find a Job as a File Clerk_ (New York Times)
Million Dollar Promise
No Rich Child Left Behind (New York Times)

Disabilities (Physical/Mental)
(The potential for the American Dream because of a physical/mental condition)
Assault: Children with Disabilities Are More Likely to be Victims of Violence (New York Times)
Unfit for Work: The Startling Rise of Disability in America(NPR)
"Unfit" for NPR -- Let's Get the Facts Straight on Disability
Social Security Disability Programs Are a Vital Lifeline for People with Severe Disabilities__
(reply to above article aired on NPR)

(The possibilities of an improving economy)
Generate Jobs Now
Generation Jobless: Youth Unemployment__ [ global perspective]
The New Underclass__

(The potential for the American dream because of your race or ethnicity)
Racial Bias Builds Hurdle for Smith
What “Accidental Racist” Says About the Evolution of Southern Identity__
Race and Ethnicity Hovered Over Jury Selection in Trial of Ex-Aides to Liu__
Wealth Gap Among Races Widened Since Recession_ (New York Times)

High School Education
New School Year, Old Story: Education Pays

High Schools Grads 'Scarred' By High Unemployment (NPR)

In Michigan District, a New Look for Vocational Education (NPR)
Life Span Shrinks for Least Educated Whites in America (New York Times)
Try Finding a Job without a GED (New York Times)

Abandoning Afghanistan
Iraq, Afghanistan Wars will Cost $4 to $6 Trillion Dollars
Fertility Services for Veterans

Coming Home
Assassinations Grow as Iraqi Elections Near
Iraq War: Lessons Learned
5 Myths about Iraq

(The potential for achieving the American dream if in a biracial relationship)
Interracial Marriage Hits New High in US
Interracial Marriage

(The potential for achieving the American dream if in a homosexual relationship relationship)
Hate Crime Laws Are Necessary Because Not All Citizens Are Yet Equal
Homosexuality New York Times Topic Page


Bullies Hurt Themselves
Bullies New York Times Topic Page

Students as Athletes
Fair or Foul: College Sports
In a Moment it Can All Be Gone__
College Athletics New York Times Topic Page
Confessions of a Doper

Human Rights
Humanitarian Imperialism
China Slams the Human Rights Record of the United States

Partisan Politics

Boston Marathon bombing moves from solidarity to partisan politics
Partisan Politics and Gun Violence

For the Poor, Recovery is a Mirage
Below the Line, Poverty in America_
Prison and the Poverty Trap (NY Times)

Entertainment Goes Mainstream

'American Idol' Lowers Age Limit: What Is Too Yo ung for TV?

How to Make a Living in the Modern Music Business(Forbes)
It's Beyonce's World

News Media and Social Media Become Part of a Real-Time Manhunt Drama

Who Stole the American Dream and How can We Get it Back (Variety Magazine review of the movie Heist)
Kardashians Keep Up the Fame Game